We need to direct the Oregon Department of Education and the Higher Education Coordinating Commission to audit career pathways, and other programs throughout Oregon.

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Our part of Oregon has an exceptional need when it comes to economic development. Workforce education and contingent tax incentives are the solution.

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We need to create programs for renewable energy. Our part of Oregon has ample resources in solar, wind, and geothermal energy production. These resources should be used for our public benefit.

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Campaign financing, election integrity, and primary election reforms are essential to developing a real democracy in Oregon.

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Labor and Unions

The right of workers to organize is a fundamental right that grounds our economy with a real foundation.

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Jonah Hakanson

I am currently the only Democrat filed for the 2018 primary for Oregon State House District 56.

In an attempt to change the Democratic Party for the better, I became a member of Progressive Oregon, and I currently participate in several of their committees.

The Democratic Party needs to open its primary elections in Oregon to non-affiliated voters. We need to reach out to non-affiliated voters. A truly democratic party will help promote the interests of the majority.

As a real candidate to represent District 56, after running in 2016, as a private citizen I still advocated for election reform to prevent another "Whitsett Maneuver," and also pushed for education legislation.

I worked as a volunteer to help restore the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in 2016.

My first work in politics was to protect Veterans Park in my home town of Klamath Falls. I also volunteered for the Measure 49 campaign, and the more recent Measure 91 campaign.

My family has been in the area of Klamath Falls, Oregon for over 100 years. They have worked in our unique industries of timber, education, and farming. I have a serious love for my part of Oregon, and I will take that love to Salem with a strong voice.

Jonah at HB2945 hearing

Help Us Make a New Voice in Salem

I need your help and support to win this election! Volunteer or donate to keep our part of Oregon strong.